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The Great Beludini


​This week's film has a little bit of everything to offer viewers. Can't decide between a romantic comedy or a slasher flick? Torn between watching a zombie or witch film to quench your ghoulish thirst? Well, now you have a movie mash up of all those wonderfully weird things. Bonejangles begins with the story of its namesake, an inhuman serial killer who can rip your spine out through your asshole like a pissed off Predator. Edgar Friendly Jr. AKA Bonejangles was named after his own maniacal killer of a father, the notorious New Brunswick Ripper (played by Phantasm's own Reggie Bannister) and was raised to do one thing....KILL. It certainly doesn't hurt his cause that his Mom was a voodoo priestess who imbued him with near invincibility and immortality. In order the quell Edgar's body count, the police launch a manhunt. This is where we meet officers of the law Dougie, Randy and Lisa. Quite possibly the biggest reject cops since the Police Academy franchise and definitely the comedic relief of the film. After capturing the impervious beast, they transfer him to an asylum in Dougie's home town of Argento, where it just so happens that on this fateful night, the dead annually rise from the grave in accordance with the curse place upon the town by the evil witch Rowena. So we've got cops, killers, comedy, zombies and a witch. Not just a witch, but a succubus, a creature who feeds off the sexual energy of those she ravages....which is always a nice touch to any movie. What happens when these worlds converge in an ultimate showdown of good vs. evil vs. even more evil? While I can't tell you that, I can tell you it's one hilarious, gore-filled ride. Horror fans will be delighted by homages to fan favorites such as Evil Dead, Night of the Living Dead and Friday the 13th. For a movie centered around death, there's no dead space to be found. Every minute is filled with chills, thrills and kills making Bonejangles a great movie to watch any night of the week starting July 18th on VOD.