​American Conjuring (2016) Review:
A family move into an abandoned orphanage and they soon learn that their charming orphanage has a disturbing history and is convinced they aren't alone.
If you have trouble finding this movie, it also goes by the title 'Bind'.
I enjoyed the first half of this movie. It gives you the history of the house and tells you who is Haunting it and why. Rather than giving away little clues along the way and having the main characters research towards the end of the film. This also makes the family who move into the house completely mental! If people tell you something horrible happened in your new house, before you move in and that your children will be in danger, do you move in? F*** no! Or maybe that's just me?
The creepy/scary things begin happening straight from the start so there are no boring moments. The 'ghost' is very creepy looking and made with special effects makeup, so no cgi.
One thing this movie is not, is predictable! It starts out like a typical haunted house, then it changes direction halfway through, and then again at the ending. The ending left me thinking wtf?! But I won't give away any spoilers and ruin it. It's a very mixed bag kind of movie. It includes a little bit of all the classic horror movie styles.
I've been told I should include a rating for my movie reviews, but since this is a horror app, there will be no stars!
So I rate this movie [💀] [💀] [💀] [💀] /10

​Review By Bluebird from Horror Amino