THN: First off Thank You Amanda for taking the time to do this interview with us!

Amanda: ​Thank you! It's my pleasure.​

THN: We want to know more about you. How did you get started in acting?

Amanda: ​I started acting when I was a young girl. I was 11 when I did my first play, THE INNOCENTS by William Archibald. It's based on the novel Turn of the Screw by Henry James. I played Flora. In a way it was my introduction to horror. Next I played Rhoda in THE BAD SEED by Maxwell Anderson. I remember adults being wary of me after seeing me portray her. My first role as a killer. As a result of those plays I signed with an agent. While a teenager I was in many commercials and did my first TV shows. I think my first was Buck Rogers. At that same time I began studying acting with Lee Strasberg. Through the years I've continued studying with inspiring teachers.

THN: How excited were you to get casted in Nightmare on Elm Street? Also how was it working with Robert Englund?

Amanda: ​Being cast in Nightmare on Elm Street was thrilling. We had a ton of fun making that movie. And many of us are still great friends today. I enjoyed working with Robert. Such a talented actor and a really nice guy.​
 I had no idea it would become a classic iconic horror film. Or that my death scene would create such a stir.

THN: We know you do conventions. What is your favorite convention to attend?

​Amanda: Over the years I have been to some terrific conventions. It is always humbling and a pleasure to meet people that like my movies. We are all fans of movies. I'm a fan. So it's fun to hear each others stories. I don't know if I have a favorite. But, I did just attend my first convention as a convention goer. Monster Palooza in LA. I had a blast. So much fun. It was great to be on the other side. 

THN: Can you tell us about your favorite experience at a convention?

​Amanda: At many conventions there's been emotional, heartfelt experiences with fans. Those moments stay with me. ​On a lighter note... I love running into actors I haven't seen in a while. Always a joy to see old friends. 

THN: We loved the short film Oct. 23rd!
Can you tell us from the actors perspective the difference from shooting a short film vs a full length?

Amanda: ​Thank you. It's a great little film. It's screening at festivals now and people seem to like it. It's won Audience Choice, Best short and I won Best Actress at the Santa Monica International Film Festival. It's all very exciting. Oct 23rd was only my second short film.​ The first was a long time ago. So I didn't know what to expect. We had a great time. Paul Santana, who wrote and directed is an award winning commercial director. So he has a great eye for detail and the look and feel of the movie. He was very precise about what he wanted. He knows how to build tension and drama. I loved working with Amanda Parsons. She's so talented.  As for the difference between a short and a full length feature, from an actors perspective, I would have to say character development. ​One has to portray a full character in a meaningful way, that moves the story forward in a very short amount of time. The overall story faces the same challenge. 

THN: Is there any new movies or project's you would like to promote that you're working on?

Amanda​: I have a movie coming out in the fall called The Id. It's a creepy little indie thriller directed by Thommy Hutson. Definitely one of my most challenging roles to date. I'm excited for it's release. I'm recurring on TNT's Murder in the First this season. It's been a lot of fun to play a recently recovered drug addict ex pop star. I just wrapped a paranormal Sci fi. And I'm heading back east to shoot a thriller where I play a detective hunting down a serial killer. I usually play the serial killer so I'm excited to dive into this role. Definitely looking forward to some other projects that are in the works.

Amanda Wyss