By Yeti

Ruined a classic

I've seen and done some pretty fucked up shit. Like, I won't get into details but those of you who know me know that's not an exaggeration. Because of those experiences I thought I was desensitized. I thought I could witness just about anything without so much as flinching but I was proven wrong tonight. I don't know how to put this but tonight I witnessed a murder. It was so senseless. I sat there and watched as someone I've held dear to me for years was murdered. I just...I just stood there and watched. I couldn't do anything...all I could do was watch. I couldn't even watch the whole act. Once the initial trance was broken I escaped to safety and comfort and just tried to come to terms with the horror I had just witnessed. My god why...why would someone do this? Why would someone think it was a good idea to remake A Christmas Story as a fucking musical?!? What fucking moron green lit that shit? Whoever it was I hope they get AIDS. 
Seriously I got about 45 seconds into that back alley abortion and decided to watch the Woodland Critter Christmas Special again. I'm okay with remaking or rebooting classics but not fuckin ruining them...