A Brilliant Monster Review
by Yeti

A Brilliant Monster is a thriller that follows Mitch as he claws his way to success as a writer. His path to fame is a little more bloody than most authors, though. This is one of those movies that I really don’t fell like I could do justice without giving up some minor spoilers so if you don’t want anything spoiled for you stop reading now and go watch the movie. I guess I just gave away a big spoiler for the rest of the review huh? Ironic.

From the trailer and all the things I had read about this movie before watching it I gathered that Mitch was a famous self help author with some skeletons in his closet. The movie opens up with his very nervous ex girlfriend spilling her story about how terrible Mitch is to a detective who is a big fan of Mitch’s books and dismissive of her story. He’s dismissive even before she gets to the crazy part of the story, the part of the story that was one of the best “What the fuck” moments I’ve experienced in awhile. Mitch has a monster in his spare bedroom and he feeds people to it. In exchange for human flesh, the monster literally spits out outlines for books.

When the monster is introduced all you are shown is a shot from inside its mouth looking out. The scene of Mitch pushing a terrified woman through the door and directly at the monster is framed by huge teeth and a lolling tongue. You don’t get to see the monster feed, you just hear screams and the scene cuts to Mitch in the hallway. I loved how they handled the monster for most of the film; I was hoping that they wouldn’t reveal it. You were shown all you needed to build this human eating author monster in your mind; kind of like watching Rosemary’s Baby.  And then they stepped on it with the reveal. Honestly the monster resembled a sideways scrotum with a mouth in the middle. Oh well, can’t win ‘em all.

The only other thing that I had an issue with in the whole film was how famous Mitch was. No, I wasn’t bothered by him being a successful writer, I was absolutely beat to fucking death with how famous and awesome this guy was. It seemed like every waitress and random person on the street knew who he was and had either read his books or known someone who was saved by his writing. I get that it was done to juxtapose his image with who he really was but I just thought it was a bit heavy handed.

Those two minor things aside, this movie is definitely worth checking out. The acting is solid and there is some really great writing. I would maybe suggest checking the writers’ homes for idea producing monsters. Bottom line, check this movie out. It won’t disappoint.