6:66 PM Review
By Yeti

6:66 PM is a dark cautionary tale that shows just what can happen when you tamper with things that you don’t understand. I’m kidding. It’s a horror-comedy about the cast of a paranormal investigation reality TV show going to pretend to investigate a house that was the site of multiple murders. It doesn’t take long for them to learn that the house is haunted by the evil spirit of a serial killer and the ghosts of his victims.

I love horror comedies but so often it seems the “comedy” part is used less to be funny and more to justify not giving a shit about what the final product looks like. I’m glad to say that this is not one of those movies. There are so many laughs in this film. It has been awhile since a movie has made me laugh this much.  One of my favorite parts of 6:66 PM is the fact that it wasn’t an hour and a half of having old movie references and dick jokes rammed down my throat. The humor was well written, it ranged from goofy to pretty damn dark, and the jokes landed damn near every time.

Along with being funny 6:66 PM also managed to be pretty interesting. Sure, the plot is meant to be pretty silly but it still delivers some decent twists and some hilarious exposition. There are actually less holes in this plot than there are in some “serious” films; better acting too. I’ve talked about the comedy aspects of the movie but there are some pretty cool horror elements in the mix too. We get ritual magic, possession by an evil spirit, ghosts of murder victims, and more gore splattered cleavage than you can shake a bloody knife at. To be fair, that last one is one of a few running gags in the film so I guess it checks both boxes.

What can I say? I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. There have been some really cool horror comedies released in the past year and I think this is one of them, If you’re in the mood for some good laughs and a little bit of blood, I would suggest checking this one out.