4/20 Massacre

Five women go on a camping trip to celebrate their friend’s birthday but end up getting more than they bargained for when they learn that the hills hold both childhood memories and crops of that diggity dank that are protected by a ghillie suit clad madmam with a big ol’ shiggity shank. The ladies come into possession of a backpack full of stolen weed and since it’s 4/20 and they’re in the woods they decide it’s time to smoke down.  This ends up having some grave consequences because it turns out that the madman hunts down and murders the shit out of anyone who has so much as touched his stolen stash and there is nowhere to get nachos in the forest. It quickly turns into the worst birthday ever.

    That terrible birthday trip ends up translating to a pretty damned enjoyable movie. There’s a lot more good stuff going on here than you would expect. The story is really well written with plenty of subplots to keep it interesting but not so much that it gets hard to follow. All of the main characters, even the obnoxious stoner chick, get enough development that you kind of care when they find themselves on the business end of the aforementioned shiggity shank or whatever the protector of the crops decides to use. This picture features some incredibly brutal and creative kills ;  CGI combined with practical effects help to pull it off nicely. I can’t think of a single thing about this movie that I didn’t like, honestly.

    This isn’t just a stoner movie with some gore thrown in; it’s also more than just another “attractive people dying in the woods” flick too.  The two things are blended so well that “4/20 Massacre” becomes its own strain of horror. If I had to nail it down, I would say that this is a slasher movie that just happens to be holding. I think that even if you’ve never dabbled with the Devil’s lettuce you’ll be able to thoroughly enjoy this movie. I haven’t tested that theory, but I’m pretty sure it will hold up.

    “4/20 Massacre” has it all - bong rips, blood, and bad ass women. I could see this becoming part of my yearly rotation of holiday films. With an April 3rd release date, you could get it in plenty of time for your own celebration. Next month grab some buds and your friends and check out this killer hybrid.


​By Yeti