​Rob Zombie's "31". I've been waiting three years for this and eagerly attended the one night showing with tears in my eyes anticipating what was to come. It was fun, bloody and sadistic. Obviously - haha. It's what you'd typically expect from Rob. He goes back to his "roots" so to speak, after creating a different kind of cool with Salem. I think Zombie fans will dig it and any horror fan will enjoy it on some level. If you like chainsaw wielding clowns, Halloween, and the 70s you go it. I think I was expecting a little more than what I received in all honesty, but overall I dug it. I'm also keeping in mind that a lot was apparently cut to get an R rating. It's a been there, done that film. But what hasn't been done you know? Rob said his inspiration on this came from "The most Dangerous Game". So you can kind of compile what to expect. This is his take on it, and I appreciate and love that. If you're a Zombie fan I recommend it, and if you're a horror fan go support something that isn't a PG-13, CGI shit fest. We need more films like this. Horror films made by horror fans.

​Review By. Destinie aka livingdeadgirl_97