By Luce

3 Hours Till Dead

In 3 Hours Till Dead (2016), a runaway soldier copes with PTSD and the loss of his mother by camping for two weeks in the anonymity of the woods, with his brother and several of his friends (the latter of whom believe that the trip is a simple vacation) serving as his traveling companions. When they run out of gas and head to a nearby farmhouse, they discover that, during their isolation, the outside world has been suffering from an outbreak of zombies, and the carnage has only worsened.

3 Hours Till Dead, in spite of its impressive special effects makeup and generally smooth cinematography, fails to contribute a noteworthy addition to the wide range of films in the zombie sub-genre. The characters have little to no development throughout the film, and the dialogue often feels stilted. The plot mainly relies on a formulaic approach to zombies, with the exception of the zombies' three-hour lifespan, which would have benefitted from a more fleshed-out exploration of the concept; unfortunately, this plot element does not receive its due attention over the course of the film.

While 3 Hours Till Dead has flickers of promise, it ultimately succumbs to the basic tropes of the sub-genre and lacks the fresh and suspenseful plot and atmosphere that are necessary in order to stand out from the myriad zombie films in horror cinema.