By Luce

‚Äč  #FromJennifer

The themes of internet fame, exploitation, and revenge intertwine in #FromJennifer (2017), in which a struggling young actress named Jennifer finds her career opportunities undermined by the popularity of her friend and fellow actress, Stephanie, who has also made a name for herself as a social media celebrity. After her ex-boyfriend uploads their sex tape onto a revenge porn website, Jennifer's manager cuts ties with her, leaving her acting career uncertain. Desperate to gain both fame and revenge, Jennifer embarks on an ambitious video project that she hopes will skyrocket her into internet stardom-as her project progresses, however, the darker her intentions become.
#FromJennifer is a triumph as a sharp horror-comedy, with both halves sharing equal strength and compatibility. While there are a few slow moments within the film (such as the scenes at the bar, which, at times, feel repetitive), much of the movie is infused with a witty, spot-on satire of social media influencers, as well as the lack of identity that can often arise from an increasing hunger for followers. In terms of horror, the film provides a near-perfect downspiral into chaos and insanity that is extremely satisfying in its execution. The performances of the cast are also top-notch: leading actress Danielle Taddei shines as Jennifer, comfortably ranging from girl-next-door vulnerability to manic depravity; Derek Mears (Butch) complements Taddei's character through his complex portrayal of an imposing figure who is, at once, innocent, sweet, and psychopathic; Meghan Deanna Smith provides an intelligent and humorous portrayal of an exaggerated internet personality; and Tony Todd, even with his relatively small role as Jennifer's manager, enhances each of his scenes with his magnificent presence.

Overall, #FromJennifer is a solid and entertaining horror film that delivers the classic themes of revenge and obsession with a fresh and interesting twist.